Save £10 on Virtual Gaming PC

So you may have seen the Shadow Virtual Gaming PC on Channel5's The Gadget Show, this where i found about it.

Subsequently i opened an account and so far pretty impressed, it streams fairly smooth and once all setup i was playing within 10 - 15 mins.

The network speed on the VM is stupidly fast, my first game which was 55GB downloaded at roughly 50mb/s (roughly 500mbps), that is pretty fast!

The game ran smoothly on full settings, however as the game i was playing is a bit different than the usual (City Skylines) the graphics card isn't as important, all the work is done by the CPU.

The only thing i would say is that 12GB of RAM isn't much, and soon filled once some mods are added to the game.

If you want to give it a try then use my code below and save £10 off your first month.


(UPDATED) Virgin Media Business - My installation journey

UPDATE 10PM 6/08/2018:
Received an email from the only install manager interested in my case, telling me that they have had no contact from dispatch regarding Wednesday, but he has said he has booked it in for Thursday (A date which I have already advised many of that staff is unsuitable)

UPDATE 8.30AM 7/8/2018:

Received a call from the area manager from Kier (for another area, not the one covering my property), apologising for what has happened and he will be sending out a supervisor tomorrow to carry out the install, at this point I still haven't heard anything back from Virgin Media Business

UPDATE 4PM 9/8/2018
So Kier admitted it was their fault that the install didn't go ahead on Friday last week, and sent out an engineer to connect my Broadband yesterday, this went through pretty smoothly and my broadband is now online and connected, however my number port is yet to be done, meaning that my telephone is still on my residential contract rather than being on my Business contract, which basically means I will be paying for 2 bills from Virgin Media until this is done.
Needless to say I am still appalled at how I have been treated by Virgin Media Business, and the lack of interest I have had from them on getting this solved.

UPDATE 10AM 13/8/2018
So finally, over 2 weeks since the plug and play install should have been completed, everything is now up and running including the transfer of my telephone number from residential to business.
Hopefully I wont have anymore issues, and if any outages do happen (which I hope do not) they are fixed in a quicker timeframe that it has taken me to get online.


So, 2 years ago I left my role as an installation engineer for Virgin Media, because of this role I have a deeper understanding of the processes and going on from inside the company when it comes to installations and connections.

So, knowing how it works, I was confident that a Virgin Media Business installation would be a pretty safe path to follow when thinking about my broadband.

I know one of our local cabinets has a dodgy amp, and after speaking to the network team before I left, there was no business case for replacing this dodgy amp, it's the original from the CableTel days in the 90s and so is in need of replacing, the fix quite literally consists of them disconnecting and reconnecting the amp... nothing more than a good ol' reboot.

When it works, it's great however when it breaks in can be down for days, which in my line of work as a developer is not so good, so I thought well with the removal of UKTV channels from the Residential TV service, now is as good time as any to make the switch, spurred on by the 24hr SLA I figured this would be a good move.

The sales side was perfect not a problem, I entered my details online and received a call the very next day to discuss my requirements, could not fault this part one bit.

Then the installation manager took over... This is when the hell begins... First off, I asked for a number port... should be simple I figured being that it is simply a Residential to Business port but staying within Virgin Media... this was not the case and I was advised this couldn't be carried out on the day, not perfect however I could live with a temporary second telephone socket for a few days.

So, they booked the install in for Friday 3rd August 2018... So, I made all the switch equipment easy to access and made it nice and easy for the engineer... Being an ex-engineer... no additional cabling was required....

No pre-installation calls, no contact from the engineer, no contact from dispatch nothing, so concerned by this lack of communication by 4pm, I called up to see what was happening, I was advised that they can't chase the install engineer until 5pm however it would still be going ahead, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt...

5pm comes, I still haven't heard anything so I called back to again be promised that the install was still going ahead and that a manager will be in contact within 10 minutes of the end of the call.
This didn't happen, so I called back at 6pm, I finally got through to a manager who advised that they will get someone out by 9pm to carry out the install... I then waited until 8pm and again no communication so I called back at 8pm to find out they are closed...

So, at this point I gave up.

Then onto today Monday 6th August 2018... I called at 9.30am to enquire about what happened on Friday to be advised that the Manager had called in sick, but I will get a call back with an answer and a resolution, and that they will get an engineer to visit today for the install.

I gave then until 12pm... again I wasn't contacted so I made another call, again looking for answers and a resolution to my problem... again I was advised that they would call me back and schedule an engineer visit for the afternoon.

So I called them back at 3pm... at this point I am advised that my installation manager was not in fact off sick, but at this point had finished their shift... still no information as to what happened, no reason for the failed install (again as mentioned all the cables are here and connected... the kit is just required), no new installation date... nothing

So, as it stands right now, I have had no calls, emails, texts or any communication from Virgin Media Business regarding why my install was not carried, nor do I have new installation date.

I have given Virgin Media Business an ultimatum of having an engineer on my doorstep Wednesday 8th August 2018 by 8am - 8.30am otherwise I will be cancelling my business line and all my residential services.

Geting PreValues from Umbraco Data Type

I thought i would share the solution to getting the pre values from a Data Type, as the documentation for this on the Umbraco website seems to have been removed.

The code below is an edited version of what worked for me (to remove the project details).

You will need to replace NAME or name with your values to make this work correctly, however it should point in the right direction.



public ActionResult NAME()
    return PartialView("~/Views/Partials/NAME.cshtml", new MODELNAME{NAME = GetSelectListForNAME()});

        private SelectList GetSelectListForNAME()
            var preValueDataType = Umbraco.DataTypeService.GetPreValuesCollectionByDataTypeId(1301); //Change Data Type ID
            var preValues = preValueDataType.PreValuesAsDictionary.Values.Where(pdv => pdv.Value != "0");

            var namesList = preValues.Select(preValue => new SelectListItem
                    Value = preValue.Id.ToString(),
                    Text = preValue.Value
            return new SelectList(namesList);


public SelectList NAMES { get; set; }

public string NAME { get; set; }

Razor View

This will populate a drop down list

@Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.NAME, Model.NAMES.Items as List)

New project now live ST220 ENTHUSIASTS

I have just pushed my latest project live for the group ST220 ENTHUSIASTS.

It is a mobile friendly Umbraco CMS based website, the front end has been written using Bootstrap, jQuery, Now UI, AJAX and the Razor template engine.

The underlying code is the Umbraco CMS system which runs on Dot Net Framework 4.7 (C#).

Some of the code i used in the site has come from a really useful resource

The site can be found here:

Recursivly Include In Visual Studio

When ever i build with Umbraco i find that i have to manually include files / folders into Visual Studio to be able to edit them with intellisense.

The is especially helpful when working with Views, to add the Views folder and all items under it recursively to Visual Studio just follow my tips below:

Unload your project by right clicking on your project name and clicking on Unload Project

Next right click your project name and click Edit PROJECTNAME.csproj

Once you have opened this file remove any lines containing the following:

<Content Include="Views

then when you have done that include the following line:

<Content Include="Views\**" />


Then just simply save the file, right click on your project name and then Reload Project.

All of your files under Views should now be included in your project and usable with intellisense.